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Evacuation as a protective action is more common than you think. Hundreds of times each year, transportation or industrial accidents
release harmful chemicals that force nearby residents to leave their homes. Fires and floods force people from their homes even more often, and almost every year residents along some areas of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts must evacuate for approaching hurricanes. Evacuation planning has been ongoing for many years across the country, in Maryland, and in St. Mary’s County.

If an evacuation is called for in your neighborhood:

check mark Family Disaster Plan Put your Family Disaster Plan into effect.

check mark Listen for emergency information from Saint Marys County Government through raido tevevision and websites. Listen to a battery-operated radio for official instructions. You should check for emergency information from St Mary’s County Government through radio, television, and websites.

check mark steps to take prior to leaving home during an emergency Before leaving your home, lock the doors and windows. If there is time, unplug appliances, turn off natural gas, propane, water,
electricity, and leave a note stating where you can be located.

check mark listen to  the specific instrucions on evacuation routes Always follow specific evacuation routes. DO NOT take short cuts. They may be blocked.

Before returning home:

check mark listen to the radio for information and instructions Continue to listen to the radio for information and instructions. DO NOT return home until county officials say it is safe.

check mark when returning home check for gas leaks and report it immediately Check for damage in your home. Immediately notify your gas company if you smell or locate a leak.

check mark notifiy Southern Maryland Electric Co op of downed power lines Notify SMECO of downed power lines.

check mark follow instructions from the health department on consuming food after a disaster. Follow health department instructions on using food items after a disaster.

check mark if appliances are wet shut off the main electrical power switch If appliances are wet, turn off the main electrical power switch.

check mark after the emergency has passed check in with family and friends to let them know you are safe. After the emergency has passed, call family and friends to let them know you are safe. Following are examples of Saint Mary's County's Siren Sounds and Messages that you may hear during a test or emergency. Click on the link to listen and familiarize yourself with these sounds.

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