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Phone Tips in an Emergency

Long distance phone lines often work before local phone lines, so identify an out-of-state contact and provide this person with the contact information of people you want to keep informed of your situation. Share this information with your family and friends locally.


check markAvoid making non-urgent phone calls after a disaster – even if phone lines are undamaged, increased phone traffic can jam phone circuits.

check markCordless phones or phone systems require electricity; make sure you have a backup phone that requires no electricity.

check markDon’t count on your cell phone - increased traffic on cell phone networks can quickly overload wireless capacity.

check markRecord an outgoing message on your voicemail so that callers can be reassured of your safety status.

check markLearn how to use text messaging. Texting uses a data path different from voice communications on a cell phone network and it might be possible to send and receive text messages when voice paths for mobile phones and land lines are jammed.

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