County Attorney
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Office of the County Attorney 

The Office of the County Attorney:

• The legal counsel to the St. Mary's County Government
• Advises the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administrator, departments of the County Government, and advisory boards and commissions appointed by the County Commissioners
• Serves as legal advisor to the St. Mary's County Board of Appeals, the St. Mary's County Planning Commission, and the St. Mary's Ethics Commission
• Processes real estate acquisitions, dispositions, and leases on behalf of the St. Mary's County Government and maintains an inventory of real estate owned by the County
• Coordinates the preparation and monitoring of annual requests for legislative action made to the St. Mary's County Legislative Delegation
• Drafts ordinances, resolutions, and notices of public hearings
• Represents St. Mary's County in court proceedings
• Coordinates the defense of claims of wrongful injury against the St. Mary's County Government
• Prosecutes civil municipal infractions on behalf of the St. Mary's County Government

The Office of the County Attorney is not permitted to:

• Provide legal services to those who cannot afford an attorney
• Give legal advice to private citizens

The County Attorney does not:

• Prosecute or defend criminal matters
• Represent departments or agencies of the State of Maryland

Other legal resources for citizens include:

State's Attorney for St. Mary's County - (301) 475-7844 ext. 4500
Office of the Public Defender (St. Mary's County) - (301) 880-2830
Legal Aid Bureau, Inc. (Southern Maryland) - (301) 884-5935
Consumer Protection Division (Attorney General of Maryland) - (410) 576-6557

St. Mary's County Local Laws

St. Mary's County Code

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance

Road Ordinance

Storm water Management, Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance

Public Ethics Ordinance

Cable Television Franchise Act

Maryland Public Information Act

Public Information Request

Video DVD request

Ordinances and Resolutions

St. Mary's County Board of Appeals

St. Mary's County Planning Commission

St. Mary's County Ethics Commission

Advisory Opinions

St. Mary's County Open Meetings Act


2014 Legislative Status Report

2015 Legislative Status Report

2016 Legislative Status Report

2017 Legislative Status Report