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Bus Advertising


In September 2001 a vendor was selected to solicit and provide exterior and interior advertisements for local businesses. This award will generate additional revenues for the various transit programs. Since 2002, revenues generated as a part of this initiative have increased from approximately $1,200 per month to an estimated $3,000 per month. In August 2011, another a new vendor was selected who will also provide interior bus advertising and bus wraps which we hope will enhance revenues to over $4,000 - $5,000 per month. In March 2015, a new vendor was selected who will provide interior bus advertising, bus wraps, bus shelter advertising and new bus schedules. Those interested in advertising on or in our buses may contact Sayin' It Loud representative Chris Allen at (240) 210-5644 (please reference contract # SMC-15-DPWT-75984R).

Advertising that is requested for placement on STS buses is subject to certain restrictions. In accordance with our policy, the vendor is to ensure that no political, sectarian, alcohol or tobacco advertisements or other material deemed to be offensive to the public by the County is posted inside or outside an STS bus. We will attempt to exercise an appropriate level of judgment regarding any advertisement content that may be considered questionable and/or offensive.