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Job Access

St. Mary's Transit System (STS) operates Evening and Saturday bus service under a grant funded program called Job Access. As of August 20, 2006 Sunday Service will be provided along the California / Great Mills Loop. This particular STS grant initiative is unique to the Tri-County Council of Southern Maryland and is also referred to as the Job Access / Reverse Commute Program. This program provides transportation to unemployed and underemployed individuals as a part of statewide accesiblephoto.jpg (5230 bytes)Welfare-to-Work initiatives. Services includes transportation in one direction opposite the main flow of traffic. This service operates in California, Great Mills, Lexington Park, Leonardtown, Loveville, Mechanicsville, and Charlotte Hall. The funding is made up of a combination of  Federal , Transit Administration, St Mary's County Department Of Social Services, St. Mary's County Board of County Commissioner funds, and passenger fares. The ridership has continuously increased: from approximately 700 riders per month in FY 2000 to over 3,800 riders per month in FY 2006. Since FY 2000, the total ridership for our Public Transportation System has increased from 54,395 riders in FY 2000, to over 300,000 riders.

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Bus Advertising

In September 2001 a vendor was selected to solicit and provide exterior and interior advertisements for local businesses. This award will generate additional revenues for the various transit programs. Since 2002, revenues generated as a part of this initiative have increased from approximately $1,200 per month to an estimated $3,000 per month. In August 2011, a new vendor was selected who will also provide interior bus advertising and bus wraps which we hope will enhance revenues to over $4,000 - $5,000 per month. Those interested in advertising on or in our buses may contact us directly or our Cheseldine Management Consulting, LLC representative Margaret Cheseldine at (301) 475-2272 (please reference contract # SMC-11-DPWT-58660).

Advertising that is requested for placement on STS buses is subject to certain restrictions. In accordance with our policy, the vendor is to ensure that no political, sectarian, alcohol or tobacco advertisements or other material deemed to be offensive to the public by the County is posted inside or outside an STS bus. We will attempt to exercise an appropriate level of judgement regarding any advertisement content that may be considered questionable and/or offensive.

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Although not yet approved for funding we have planned to implement another, more expansive, program designed to further meet the needs of County citizens who live in rural areas not served by Public Transportation. The plan provides for service from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M., Monday through Friday in five (5) rural areas of the County and will connect with existing STS Public Transportation. The five new routes will operate twelve (12) hours per day to provide citizens an opportunity to travel for employment, medical appointments and shopping. All routes may deviate within these routes to meet the specific transportation needs of the citizens in the service areas: Route #1-Ridge; Route #2-Piney Point; Route #3A- Breton Bay/Compton; Route #3B-Hollywood; Route #4-Colton’s Point/Chaptico; Route #5A-Mechanicsville and Route #5B-Golden Beach. Passengers request rides from a specific location at a certain time. This type of service is called "dial-a-ride."

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Special Event Trips

If you would like information on available carpools, vanpools or other general transportation resources in Southern Maryland, please contact the Tri-County Council at (301) 884-2144 or 1-800-SO-CLOSE.

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Transportation Mobility Coordination

An informational flyer has been prepared to assist individuals with finding available transportation options, to help citizens understand how to use the STS transit bus system; and to provide guidance on completing Paratransit applications for STS transportation. The flyer was prepared with assistance from the Human Services Transportation Coordination Committee includes names, e-mail addresses and phone numbers in order to provide direct transportation assistance for those in need of service. Other transportation service providers are also provided to help address your mobility needs. For additional information on St. Mary's County Americans with Disabilities, click here. For more information on access and inclusion, visit the United States Access Board website.

On October 25, 2007 the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) approved a 5-year Transportation Development Plan (TDP)  to improve public transportation service in St. Mary's County. The Board of County Commissioners unanimously supported the plan and directed staff to begin implementing the service improvements and route alternatives identified in the Plan. During the multi-year implementation of the Plan, the MTA will continue to evaluate the local STS transit  system against Performance Standards that were developed for all transit systems in the State of Maryland. These standards include factors such as cost per vehicle hour, cost per vehicle mile, cost per passenger trip, passenger trips per vehicle mile and trips per vehicle hour. Our rural community-based transit program will continue to accomplish an essential mobility mission of the County, connecting people, communities, workplaces, educational institutions, recreational opportunities and many other essential destinations on a regular and continuous basis.

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