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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS Imagery

Online Mapping:

Aerial Only Map (HTML 5)

This Map is created for those who want to view the Aerial Photography taken in 2011 without having to remove additional data layers.

Development Map (HTML 5)

This Land Use & Growth Management map displays nonresidential and multi-family residential building permits, subdivisions, and site plans. Building permits no longer appear on the map once a certificate of occupancy is issued. Subdivisions and site plans no longer appear five years after the recording or approval date. For additional information on specific building permits, subdivisions, or site plans call 301-475-4200 ext. 1500.

Historic Sites Map (HTML5)

The Historic Sites Map has many features to locate many Historical sites in St Mary's County and link to their site's individual web pages. You can also view a historical 1976 bi-centennial map along with the 1998, 2003 and 2007 Aerial Photographs.

Park & Public Landings Locator Map (HTML5)

The Parks & Public Landing Locator Map lists all of the County and State Parks. This site also has a way to link to the County and State Parks individual webpages. So get the family together and visit one of our fantastic Parks and Public Landings.

Zoning Ordinance Map (HTML 5)

The Land Use & Growth Management Zoning Map has all of the data and functionality of the previous Zoning Map with the addition of the 2ft Contour layers and Search and Street Locator tools.

Map Changes, Updates, and Ordering Information

maps Your feedback is very important! If you find any Mapping Applications not functioning properly, please contact St. Mary's County at our feedback page to inform us of any problems. To order additional GIS data.