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The Inspections division provides customer assistance and inspection services to verify compliance with zoning, Floodplain Regulations, Minimum Livability and Maryland Accessibility Codes, and ordinances. Assistance to Zoning Administration staff are also provided. Upon collection, review and approval of inspection reports from the contract inspection agency, as well as the zoning inspection staff, structures are "certified" for occupancy.
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Zoning inspection and compliance functions of this section range from follow-up on citizen inquiries, violations to site inspections for compliance with conditional uses, over lot grading and storm water management. Additional tasks include land use inventory activities such as nonconforming use and sign inventories.

Inspection Services
• Commercial Plan Reviews
• Commercial Site Development
• Critical Area Inspections
• Investigate Work without Permits
• Home Occupation Inspections
• Floodplain Regulations
• Maintains Records for Inspection, Inquiries, Unsafe Structures, etc.
• Residential Site Development Inspections
• Stormwater Management Inspections
• Zoning Inspections
• ADA/Handicap Inspections
• Investigate Citizen Inquiries
• Minimum Livability Code Inspections (Rental Code)
• Perform Initial Damage Assessment for the Dept.
   of Public Safety after a Natural Disaster
Customer Assistance Guides

Our Customer Assistance Guides, or CAGs, are information sheets answering questions relating to many aspects of Land Use & Growth Management. Below is a list of the CAGs that are helpful in understanding aspects of the inspection process and procedures.

Building Permits for Pools
Building Permits for Decks
Building Code Inspections and Fees
Maryland Performance Standards (MBPS) 2015
Residential Fire Sprinkler Protection System

Codes & Amendments

View the St. Mary's County Building Code.

Minimum Required Inspections

View the county’s Minimum Required Inspections for Residential Projects

Citizen Inquiry Form

When filled out in its entirety, the Citizen Inquiry Form will allow you to inquire about the status of a permit, work being performed, or alert the county to unpermitted, illegal activities.

Additional Resources

The following websites are great resources for the inspections community. Find information on current codes, new products and as well as purchase inspections-related materials, code books, etc.

National Fire Protection Agency
Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors Association
Maryland Building Officials Association