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Welcome to the homepage for the St. Mary's County Public Information Office! This office is responsible for sharing county government information with citizens and oversees all communications with the media and the public, including news releases, the county website, social media and dissemination of emergency information. With advances in technology, the evolution of the county’s website and the county’s cable television channel, St. Mary’s County Government TV 95, information can be obtained quickly.

County webpages have been constructed to make our site as accessible as possible. We are always open to suggestions for improving access to information. Questions can be forwarded to the Public Information Office at 301-475-4200, x 1340 or pio@stmarysmd.com

Citizens can also click on the Contact Us bar on the county’s home page. Queries will be answered promptly. Our five elected county commissioners can be contacted by US Mail at PO Box 653, Leonardtown, MD 20650 or via email at bocc@stmarysmd.com. Additional information on the county commissioners can be found by clicking on County Commissioners under the Government box on the main page.

St. Mary's County Government In Brief - A fact sheet of quick and intersting statistics for county departments is contained in this document which is updated frequently.  Click here to view the latest publication.

State of the County. Our mandate is to ensure that St. Mary’s County Government is financially sound and managed efficiently.

Previous State of the County Reports

Public Information Act requests are handled by the County Attorney’s Office.

St. Mary’s County Government TV 95. St. Mary’s County Government maintains a Cable television channel on Metrocast Channel 95. Citizens can also view the channel by clicking on 95 Live under the videos link on the county’s home page. All Board of County Commissioners meetings and Planning Commission meetings are aired live. Many other meetings are aired live or taped for future broadcast. SMCG TV 95’s schedule is listed on the county’s home page. Segments describing county programs, services and initiatives are also broadcast.

BOCC meeting videos can be accessed on the county website by clicking videos, then scrolling down to "Board of County Commissioners Meeting Video" and selecting the date of the meeting you wish to view. 

News Releases. The Public Information Office regularly releases information to the media and county citizens. To receive news releases directly, click on E-Notices on the county’s home page.

Social Media. St. Mary’s County Government is now accessible via social media! Citizens can receive updates, view photos and videos via the following venues:

 FacebookSt. Mary’s County Government’s Facebook page provides up to date information on county news and programs.

   Many St. Mary’s County Government programs are photographed for viewing. Our Flickr photo stream contains hundreds of images from various events. Go to flicker to view photos of recent events.

Specially selected video clips of ceremonies and events can be found on the St. Mary’s County Government YouTube channel.