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staff member assisting child at play Inclusion Guidelines
St. Mary's County Department of Recreation and Parks is a strong advocate for people of all ability levels. The Department promotes and protects the rights and choices of individuals and believes that every individual, regardless of ability level, is deserving of satisfying recreational and leisure activities. The Department is pleased to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and makes every effort to insure that facilities, programs and services are accessible for all.

How to request Accommodations
Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to register for general recreation programs. With your registration, please include information regarding your disability and accommodation needed. A two-week notice is required in order for the Department to make reasonable accommodations based on individual needs for successful inclusion.

Minimum Requirements for Successful Inclusion
The basic eligibility requirements for all programs, camps, classes and events are listed below. These basic requirements apply to all participants, regardless of ability level. There may be additional requirements for each program, camp or class.
• The capacity for each program is based on ratio and logistics. If the maximum enrollment for a program has been met, a participant may be unable to enroll or placed on a wait list.
• Payment is due upon registration. Payments must be received before admission into any program.
• All participants are required to follow the rules of conduct in the parent handbook. An individual with a disability may be removed from a program if after interventions and accommodations their behavior is a direct threat to others.
• Must be able to maintain personal care without support of R&P staff or volunteers.
• Participants should meet the prerequisite age/ skills for the class or program (if required for participation)
• Participant should be willing to participate and actively participate in the program the majority of the time.
• Ability to function with or without assistance as a member of a larger group (10 or more people)

ADA Complaints
Any citizen with an accessibility or discrimination concern in one of St. Mary’s County Recreation and Parks programs, facilities or parks are encouraged to contact Christina Bishop, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist for resolution. (Christina.bishop@stmarysmd.com 301-475-4200 ext. 71802) Those that wish to file a formal complaint can do so through St. Mary’s County Governments ADA Grievance Procedure. Please submit complaints regarding access or discrimination in writing, using the County Grievance Form to the ADA Coordinator no later than 60 days after the alleged violation. The ADA Coordinator will keep a record of all complaints and action taken.
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