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Recreation and Parks - Geocaching

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity for the whole family in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches" or "caches") anywhere in the world. Geocaches are currently placed in over 100 countries around the world and on all seven continents, including Antarctica. A typical geocache is a small waterproof container (usually a clear tupperware) containing a logbook and pen or pencil. They are NEVER buried. Larger containers can also contain items for trading, usually toys or trinkets of little value. Also common are objects that are moved from cache to cache called "hitchhikers", such as Travel Bugs, Geocoins, or Pathtags whose travels may also be individually logged and followed online. Dangerous or illegal items, weapons, etc. are not allowed and are specifically against the rules of geocache listing sites. Geocaching is most often described as a "game of high-tech hide and seek", sharing many aspects with orienteering, letterboxing, and way marking. All you need to participate is the handheld GPS receiver and computer. There are several websites devoted to geocaching and access to these resources is free! You can find easy links to some of these websites below. Geocaching's primary purpose is to have fun and enjoy nature so "leave no trace" and minimizing the impact to the environment are common practices of geocachers.

St. Mary's is pleased to offer geocaching as a recreational activity within our park system. Please remember to follow all park regulations and posted hours of operation. If hiding a geocache in a county park, please refer to the guidelines for hiding a geocache R&P Guidelines for Hiding a Cache and the application form provided R&P Cache Application Form.

Easy Steps to Geocaching
• Register for a free membership.
• Click “Hide & Seek a Cache.”
• Enter your postal code and click “search.”
• Choose any geocache from the list and click on its name.
• Enter the coordinates of the geocache into your GPS Device.
• Use your GPS devise to assist you in finding the hidden geocache.
• Sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location.
• Share your geocaching stories and photos online.

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