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Peer Assistant Program


The peer assistance is a program designed to benefit both the campers with Autism and the peer assistant. Being a peer assistant allows you to provide campers diagnosed with Autism extra attention, encouragement, and feedback they may need to experience success.

        On completion of Camp Inspires program, a peer assistance will:

        1. Be able to describe what it means to be a peer assistance of a camper with Autism.
        2. Have developed an understanding of related terminology, such as:
                   *verbal cue
                   *physical assistance
                   *feedback (general and specific)
                   *task analysis
       3. Have gained a greater understanding of a person diagnosed with Autism.

In order for peer assistants to participate in the Camp Inspire program they must meet several qualifications and hold positive characteristics.
A good candidate for the peer assistant program is an individual who is:
Able to participate in Camp Inspire working with a child or young adults diagnosed with Autism
Capable of handling the responsibilities of working one-on-one with our campers
Able to communicate well and be able to follow the instructor’s directions
Able to assist with any camper if needed.
7 years of age and older

Reliable and helpful ,Demonstrates a positive attitude, Is prepared for camp, Starts camp on time, Completes assignments, Has a good rapport with peers, Seeks guidance if needed, Allows peers to demonstrate independence, Shows responsibility, Gives clear instructions.



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