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Enrollment Forms are available online and the St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks Main Office in Leonardtown. To register: submit the School Age Care Registration Form, along with the family registration fee of $50 at the time of registration. The additional forms must be provided before the child can begin care. All childcare programs run from the first day of the school to the last day of school.

Picture of children on top of corkboard. Where do I begin? What forms do I need?


  1. Complete Registration Form
  2. Provide payment $50* one-time per family registration fee.
    Price increase to $55 as of July 1.


*School Age Registration - Form A

*Health Inventory - Form A-1

*Emergency Information - Form A-2

*School Age Care Acknowledgement Contract - Form A-3

*Medication Authorization - Form E

*Seizure Medication Administration Authorization - Form G

*Allergy Action Plan – Form I

*Asthma Medication Administration Authorization - Form J

*Individual Service Plan (if applicable)

Children are eligible to participate in the St. Mary's County Recreation & Parks School Age Center (SAC) Program if they are residents of St. Mary's County and meet the following requirements for each program.

SAC Children must be enrolled in a St. Mary's County Elementary school or middle school. There is a minimum requirement of (15) full time children to operate a SAC program at a school.

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