Employee Status Updated 6/27/2019 12:00:00 AM: Normal
Office Status: Normal
Employee Information

Recreation & Parks Staff

St. Mary's County Seal

Commissioners of St. Mary's County
James R. Guy - President
Michael L. Hewitt
Eric Colvin
Todd B. Morgan
John E. O'Connor

Recreation & Parks Seal

Recreation & Parks Board
Pat Murphy, Chairperson
Fred Parker, Vice-Chairperson
Dick Buckler
Tom Nelson
Joe Longobardi
Floyd Warren
Christine Kaila
Tara Shade
Joshua Shaffer

Main Office Phone 301-475-4200

Administration Staff
Arthur Shepherd, Director 71812 arthur.shepherd@stmarysmd.com
Lori Tyer-Ellis Project Manager 71811 Lori.TyerEllis@stmarysmd.com
Barbara Whitehead, Fiscal Specialist 71810 barbara.whitehead@stmarysmd.com
Division Managers
David Guyther, Parks Division Manager  301-863-8400 ext. 3571 david.guyther@stmarysmd.com
Jessica Hale, Recreation Division Manager   71804 jessica.hale@stmarysmd.com
Nick Isom, Golf Course Manager 301-884-4601  nick.isom@stmarysmd.com
Karen Stone, Museum Division Manager 301-769-3235 karen.stone@stmarysmd.com
Recreation Program Staff
Christina Bishop, Therapeutic Specialist 71802 christina.bishop@stmarysmd.com
Darrick Sesker, Sports & Events Coordinator 71803 darrick.sesker@stmarysmd.com
Cherie Nelson, Youth & Camp Programs Coordinator 301-373-4689 cherie.nelson@stmarysmd.com
Gary Reed, Aquatics & Wellness Coordinator 301-866-6562 gary.reed@stmarysmd.com
Kenny Sothoron, Sports Coordinator 71830 kenny.sothoron@stmarysmd.com
Margaret Bowling, Fiscal Specialist 71805 margaret.bowling@stmarysmd.com
Ken Guyer, Senior Admin Coordinator/Registrar 71801 ken.guyer@stmarysmd.com
Gloria Edwards, Senior Office Specialist     71800 gloria.edwards@stmarysmd.com
Darlene Stalcup, Administrative Coordinator   71820 darlene.stalcup@stmarysmd.com
Tyrone Harris, Facilities Coordinator  71673 tyrone.harris@stmarysmd.com
Who To Call
Registration/Recreation Program 301-475-4200 71800
Great Mills Swimming Pool 301-866-6560
Gymnastics Center 301-862-1462
Leisure/Therapeutic Recreation 301-475-4200 71802
School Age Care & Camps 301-373-5410
Museums 301-769-2222
Parks 301-863-8400 ext. 3570
Sports 301-475-4200 71830 or 71803
Wicomico Shores Golf Course 301-884-4601
Information Lines
Cancellations 301-475-4200 71840
Recreation & Parks
23150 Leonard Hall Drive
P.O. Box 653
Leonardtown, MD 20650