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Youth Lacrosse

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Youth Boys Lacrosse

Code Age Date Day Time
270101-A 10-12 12/9-2/24 Sun 5:30-10:30pm
270101-B 8-10 12/9-2/24 Sun 5:30-10:30pm

2018 Lacrosse Game Schedule

St. Mary’s Girls’ Lacrosse League (SMGLL)

As the sport of women's lacrosse entered the Southern Maryland High Schools in Spring 2000, the explosive interest in the sport became apparent. The St. Mary's Girls' Lacrosse League (SMGLL) was formed in 2003 by a grass roots group of individuals that shared not only the passion of women's lacrosse, but also wanted to incorporate the opportunity of teaching life lessons to a younger generation. SMGLL is a non-profit, independent sports organization that focuses on encouraging all to "Compete with Class and Honor the Game" and strongly supports the vision outlined by US Lacrosse, the sport's national governing body. www.smgll.org

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