Shelter Plannings

In what county do you reside?

What is your role with the Animal Care function? (Check all that apply):

How familiar are you with the current Tri-County Shelter?

Do you believe each county should have their own shelter or share with another county?

Where in your community would be an good location for an animal shelter?

If your county built their own shelter what types of services would you want to see included?

    • Shelter Vet

    • Shelter Vet Clinic

    • Community Education Room

    • Training Classes

    • Grooming/Bathing facility

    • Dog Park

    • Agility Course

    • No (low) kill policies and procedures

    • Retail Space

    • Walking Trails

    • Indoor play area for inclement weather

    • Pets having access to out of doors

    • Sally port for bringing animals in

    • Communal living for pets that get along

    • Barn for farm animals

    • Workstations for volunteers

    • Pet Food Bank

    • Active Foster Program

    • Well trained and utilized volunteers

    • Help Line/Desk to keep pets with their parents

    • Spay/Neuter Services

    • Low cost medical services

Do you think the care of homeless animals is a public responsibility, private responsibility or partnership of the two?

Do you feel comfortable taking an unwanted or homeless animal to your current public shelter (Tri County Animal Control)

If not, where would you take an unwanted or homeless animal?

What qualities in an animal shelter would make you comfortable taking an unwanted animal?

What is your understanding of the definition of no (low) kill? (Check all that apply):

What is the definition of TNR?

Do you think the county should fund a TNR program in your community?

What is your level of comfort regarding the current bully breed adoption policy at TCAS? (To not adopt the following types of dogs: American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier breed, American Bulldog breed, Bull Terrier B breed, Olde English bulldog breed, Valley Bulldog breed, Can Corso breed, Mastiff breed, Great Dane breed, Presa Canario breed, Dogo Argentino, Boerboel breed, Fila basileiro breed, or dogs which have the appearance of being predominately of these breeds)

What is the role of the Animal Control Officer in your community?

Would you support the county funding the higher cost of animal care to become no (low) kill?

How likely are you to donate to your local shelter?

Are you less or more likely to donate if it’s a public (tax funded) shelter?

Are you less or more likely to donate if it’s a private, nonprofit shelter?