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Bill Due Dates - Real Property

If you reside/live on the property your account will be listed as your "Principal Residence" on your tax bill. Accounts listed as "Principal Residence" are due on a Semi-Annual basis (two installments). The first installment is due by September 30th of each tax year without interest or penalty. The second installment (including applicable service fees) is due by December 31st of each tax year without penalty or interest.

  • "Principal Residence" owners may also pay real property taxes on an Annual basis if desired. If your mortgage company remits your tax payment for you, you must make an election in writing before May 1st (60 days prior to the beginning of the next tax year) to be an annual payer. You may down load the attached form for your election process .
  • "Non-Principal" accounts are due on an Annual basis by September 30th of each tax year without penalty or interest.
  • If a mortgage company holds your real estate taxes in an escrow account, please forward the tax bills to them for payment. To verify that your real estate taxes were paid, check the annual escrow analysis statement provided to you by your mortgage company.
  • Please notify the State Department of Assessment & Taxation if you request a permanent change of mailing address. You may do so by clicking here.
  • Properties with delinquent prior year real estate taxes due are subject to sale at our annual tax sale auction. Please pay your tax bill promptly to avoid the expense and aggravation of your property being processed in our annual tax sale auction.