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Historic Property #SM 246  


BOND PROPERTY Tobacco Barn #1SIMMS Tobacco Barn, Hollywood

Located in Greenwell State Park is a fascinating complex of nineteenth century farm structures:  three interconnecting buildings that include two tobacco barns, a stable, corncrib, and granary.  Constructed gradually over at least half a century, log, box frame, and three varieties of post-in-ground construction were employed.  The oldest section is a log tobacco barn built by John F. Sims in 1838.  The logs are well locked at the corners with v-notches, but the carpenter, distrustful of Piedmont log construction, added cedar post buttresses to the walls.  The gables are studded and sheathed with riven clapboards.  The wide chinks left between the logs, probably for ventilation, let in rain, and in 1847 the St. Mary’s County Orphans Court directed the guardians of John Sims’ children to lath or plank the barn “to make it safe for Tobacco”.  Riven clapboards now cover some chinks, and the south end is sheathed with vertical boards and chamfered battens.  The stable along the east side is part of the original construction.BOND PROPERTY Tobacco Barn #1

It may have been the next owner, Dr. Walter Hanson Briscoe, who extended the barn and shed and refitted the shed as a stable.  The main part of the extension is an even rarer survival than the log barn.  It is of framed post-in-the-ground construction with interrupted sills, between the posts.  The carpenters pre-assembled the side frames, post, plates, sills, and studs on the ground before tipping them upright into their construction holes.  Subsequently, the corncrib, granary, and double-aisle tobacco barn were added and the whole complex linked by interconnecting sheds.


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